Video: Back for another toddler- Grenade’s ex sugar mummy hooks up with Producer Bomba

It  seems like there is a secret among young boys in the entertainment industry that nkuba kyeyo sugar mummies just can’t get over.

Months after going through numerous scandals over her relationship with singer Grenade Official,cougar Aziz Kilooto seems to have hooked up with popular producer, Bomba.

A video that was shared on social media shows Bomba carrying Kilooto on his shoulders with the two seemingly having a good time.

It’s not yet confirmed if indeed the two are an item or if they were just having a casual moment but if Bomba is to make things serious, he had better ask the Babandana singer for some advice on how to handle the milf.

She dragged the TNS singer to jail and police accused him of stealing her p[ersonal items and trying to bewitch her although it’s not cle

ear how far this case went.

Written by Aine Siggy

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