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Are they related? The truth behind Kataleya and Kandal’s relationship

Kataleya and Kandal are Uganda duo musicians who rose to me last year in 2021 and their type of music is driving people crazy.

They are inseparable, Kataleya and Kandal are always moving together and people are always asking if they are related or if there is anything between them.

Here is how they met and how theirr relationship is going on both in music and out of the music industry.

These two met at a birthday party, and instantly became friends because of their chemistry which can even be heard in their music.
Muzibe Wa Love was their first music single and it really rocked the airwaves.

Let’s say Kataleya and Kandle are the new duo in town. If you haven’t heard their music, you haven’t heard anything but it should be everywhere on the internet.
Watch out for more of their music coming soon.

They are also huge in fashion and people are always asking what could be the inspiration for them.

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