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You are users – Precious Remmie calls out artistes

Media personality and actress Precious Remmie has called out Ugandan artistes letting them know how they are users.

In Uganda, the music industry grows everyday. So many artistes are produced in just a day but a few make it to the top.

Those that make it to the top are always having so many people pushing them and those are fellow celebrities who post them on their social media platforms.

But Precious Remmie looks to be tired of promoting artistes by posting their work on her social media platforms because they don’t appreciate.

Beautiful Remmie said they are users because they are always wanting to be pushed but when they are needed they don’t show up.

According to Precious Remmie Ugandan artistes are so much money minded and without money you can’t get them even when you helped them.

“Artistes are users.
They keep asking you to push their songs and yet when you need them, they are never available for you unless you have money,” Precious Remmie

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