Accounts hacked – Lynda Ddane panicking as her adult content set to be released

NTV presenter Lynda Ddane is currently not settled and panicking after her Instagram account got hacked by an anonymous person.

A check on the TV presenter turned DJ shows the recent two updates notifying her how account has been hacked.

Lynda took to her Twitter pHe to express her fury and disappointment on her pages being hacked.

The KFM D’Hook presenter further went ahead to say that at least if someone goes through the hustle of hacking someone’s page, they should post something interesting.

And according to the chief ‘cutter of word’ in the country, Galaxy FM, Lynda is scared that her adult content might be leaked.

This wouldn’t be the first time though Lynda’s 18+ content would be leaking.

They did circulate a few yeas ago and didn’t get much attention because she was not yet famous amd thick.

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