VIDEO: No way- Kapa Cat let’s fan bOnk her on stage

Ugandan female artists can do some of the weirdest things when they step on stage in a bid to entertain their fans.

As much as this excites the h0rny fans, it has increased cases of assaulting musicians on stage.

Dancehall singer Kapa Cat is one of those known to be naughty when it comes to her performances.

These are always daring amd oversexualized but fans love it.

The Sikyo singer during a recent perofm dared a male fan to stage and paraded her small booty in a doggy style for him.

This fan made no mistake in locating the target and hit hard inside forcing her to fall down.

All this happened as the audience cheered them on.

For Kapa Cat, this seems nothing big as it’s one of the ways to cheer up her fans.

She even revealed that she will one day leave the stage pregnant.

Written by Aine Siggy

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