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Comedy is my everything – Madrat reveals

Comedian Madrat real name Lubega Dickson now Umar Dickson has revealed that Comedy is his everything.

Madrat of the duo Madrat and Chiko joined the comedy Industry many years ago and the two have built their brand so much.

He came from the ghetto because he ran away from school and home. From their he Kickstarted his career and he has never looked back.

According to Madrat, comedy is his everything because it has given him all he ever dreamt of.

He said without comedy, he wouldn’t be where he is and he wouldn’t be looking after his family that’s why he thinks comedy is everything.

“Comedy ku nze ye maama, ye taata,ye lugoye lwenyambadde ,ye ngatto eri mu kigere ,ye bisale by’essomero by’abaana ,ye kifo maama w’abeera na buli kimu mu bulamu bwange,” Umar Lubega aka Madrat

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