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Video: Embarrassing moment as man dips watermelon in meat sauce at a party

A saying goes that its easy to get someone out of the village but it’s difficult to take the village out of them.

Seems kinda true especially with the latest video on social Media where a very mature man is seen dipping a water melon piece into his meat sauce.

We all know how food is served at different parties.

Different kinds of foods are placed on one plate including fruits.

The fruits are meant to be eaten before or after but preferably after the main meal.

Well for this man, he didn’t want to know as he decided that both can be eaten at once.

He dipped his water melon piece into his sauce and went ahead to enjoy it like it was rice, matooke or posho.

This fella didn’t mind about anyone looking at him as he went ahead to enjoy himself hands down.

This was truly embarrassing and without further ado, below is the video.

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