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Video: Fik Fameica arrested in Dubai

It seems like local rapper Shafik Walukaaga aka Fik Fameica doesn’t consult his gods before traveling because of the constant arrests he usually gets when going to new countries to sing.

The Kutama singer was this time round detained in Dubai for over 24 hours ahead of his scheduled show in Dubai yesterday.

He was supposed to perform alongside local comedians Maulana and Reign.

The singer however couldn’t as he was released late and besides he felt so extremely tired.

Fik therefore didn’t think he would put up a great performance this giving a new update about the show.

“Hey guys, I really want to apologize to you for the inconvenience caused but I’m really exhausted and don’t think I can put up a good performance. Thrse guys detained me for over 24 hours and I feel so tired and sickly,” said the singer.

It should be recalled that Fik Fameica was asking some time ago detained in South Africa.

This is after the singer used fake documents to access the country.

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