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VIDEO: No more beef! Sheebah and Spice Diana share stage

Uganda’s music industry is getting clearer everyday as artistes are starting to get along after so many years of beefing each other.

Spice Diana joined the music industry a little bit later than Sheebah. She infact found Sheebah had built an empire with her fan base.

With all the competition, Spice Diana started not getting along with Sheebah and that led to some tension to fans letting them choose sides.

Sheebah who now calls herself a feminist recently decided to mend the working relationship in the music industry and showed up at Spice Diana’s show.

Since that day, Spice Diana said they started getting along and talking more. Now they are close and support each other.

Yesterday, Sheebah had a concert at Serena Hotel and for the first time she shared a stage with Spice Diana.

It was a magical moment between them and here is the video;

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