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VIDEO: Shock as woman cooks her undies in man’s food

We have all at one time always heard of weird stories about how women always make their men eat some of the weirdest things you will ever think of.

From poop, menstrual blood, pubic hairs to other odd things, women have done it all to their men.

And this is at times at the back of advice from hearsay, witchcraft, relatives and friends.

These think that once this is done, men will be loyal, submissive and faithful to them.

Lots of men have always actually given testimonies about how they were placed under spells and black magic.

But as we all know that fate decides most of our lives, if something is not meant to be, it doesn’t matter what you do.

Social media is currently i shock after a video of a woman cooking her undies in food surfaced.

This lady was recorded by unsuspecting neighbor and she can be seen removing her undies and putting them in the food.

She then stirs for some minutes and calls for a girl in the home to bring a bowel to serve the food.

As she’s set to serve, she sends the girl away so that she doesn’t see what this wicked woman is doing.

Joyfully she serves tje food and gives it to the girl to take it inside and it’s highly suspected the food was for the man.

It’s not known whether this lady also served the same food to the children.

Written by Aine Siggy

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