A Pass features Lillian Mbabazi in lyrical masterpiece “Ebilowozo”

We have all come to know A Pass a.k.a. Alexander Bagonza for his vocal and lyrical prowess and Lillian Mbabazi for her passionate touch on soul music, a combination of the two is obviously something to look up to.

A Pass and Lillian Mbabazi have worked on projects together before, the most prominent of all being Memories which was indeed a banger.

The former Blu 3 singer has yet again teamed up with the “Nkwagala” hit maker to give us a new song dubbed “Ebilowozo”

The two obviously have massive respect for one another regardless of the gap of experience between them.

The two performed at the Club Beatz At Home a couple of weeks ago and all that watched were in awe.

On their new “Ebilowozo” track, the two combine to produce something exquisite produced by Sir. Dan Magic with a touch of mix by Herbertskillz.

Listen in on it here:

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