Abitex Ready To Reconcile With Bajjo

Events promoter Abby Musinguzi has reaveled that is ready to reconcile with his long time friend and work partner Andrew Mukasa commonly known as Bajjo.

The two fell out after Bajjo decided to leave Abitex in National Unity Platform (NUP) and join the ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM).
Bajjo’s double standards irked Abitex and since then the two haven’t been looking eye to eye.
However, Bajjo came out and asked for forgiveness from the National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine saying he was so stupid to dump NUP and promised him to never betray him again.

During an interview with spark TV live wire show, Abitex said that if Bajjo meant what he said, he will forgive him and they start working together like they used to.

“Bajjo is my brother and a friend but he betrayed me when he joined NRM. I am happy he realized his mistake and he has now come back. If he means what he is saying an ready to work with him like we used to do.” Abitex said.

Bajjo and Abitex have been working together for about Four years and Abitex said a small mistake that is later realised and worked on can’t distort their working relationship.

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