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Ashburg Kato threatens to drag Bobi Wine to court over “Ghetto Tv”

Former People Power blogger who defected tot he ruling party, National Resistance Movement Ashburg Kato has threatened to drag Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine as well as the National Unity Platform to court over Ghetto Tv.

The former People Power blogger is responsible for creating and running the original Ghetto Tv on which the National Unity Platform and Bobi Wine have been relaying their events as well as campaign rallies. The Facebook page which was hacked countless times was finally deleted from the internet by Ashburg Kato a week ago.

After it was taken down, the National Unity Platform, created a new Facebook page Ghetto Tv Media which they are currently using to broadcast their events and Bobi Wine’s campaign trail.

Having opened and run the original Ghetto Tv Facebook page, the People Power turned NRM blogger claims he owns everything branded “Ghetto Tv” and has threatened to take Bobi Wine to court over it. Kato says that it is registered in his name and Bobi Wine has no right using it to promote his National Unity Platform.

In a video on his Facebook page, Kato specifies that everything under the name “Ghetto” is registered under his name and no one, not even Bobi Wine has the right to use it.

Ghetto Media which is the newly established media platform for streaming and broadcasting NUP and Bobi WIne’s events and campaign trail has already gained more than 60k followers in less than a week and still growing

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