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Ashburg Kato threatens to end Facebook operations in Africa

Ashburg Kato (Courtesy Photo)

Blogger Ashburg Kato has issued a warning to Facebook Chief Executive Offcer, Mark Zuckerberg and threatened to end the social media site’s operations on the African continent.

The embattled blogger issued the threats in a video posted on Facebook as well as You Tube following Facebook’s suspension of his and other NRM leaning bloggers’ facebook accounts and pages.

In the video, Ashburg laments about having lost his sole source of income when his Facebook pages and those he was managing were put down by Facebook.

He thus gave Zuckerberg an ultimatum on one year to either make a direct call to him, or risk having his social media company’s operations shut off in Africa.

“I have a simple message to Mark Zuckerberg, my friend and my mentor, if you don’t give me a direct call within one year, that will be the end of Facebook in Africa”

Ashburg Kato

He bid farewell to social media and promised to get something else to earn him and income to live on as he awaits Zuckerberg’s call to him.

We cannot ascertain how Ashburg plans to sabotage and end Facebook’s operations in Africa when he couldn’t get back his accounts once they were pulled down but we can only watch on from the sidelines,

As regards his next move, our guess is as good as ours but we will keep you updated.

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