Audio: Aziz Azion drops new love song dubbed Tiko Tiko

We will all agree that Aziz Azion is among the kings of R&B music in Uganda and his vocal prowess are not a thing to question. He walks, breathes and lives for love music.

And with the above background, his new song tittles “Tiko Tiko (Onyonyogera) deserves no other description.

With a touch of smooth vocals, Azion’s music always wins over the hearts of those that listen to it and often wins him favor before ladies.

The singer, producer, instrumentalist and vocalist has returned to the love music charts with this new lovely song “Tiko Tiko (Onyonyogera)”. Onyonyogera, loosely translated as “You tickle me”, the song definitely spells out how a lovely lady tickles Azion as he praises the love of this lady which is greater than money.

The song sang in Luganda, continues to prove the excellence of the singer’s song writing skills.

Listen to it here:

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