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Audio: Bobi Wine urges people to vote in new song “Tulonde”

Bobi Wine (Courtesy Photo)

The National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has released a song in which he urges Ugandans to go out in big numbers and vote for him in the January 14 polls.

In the song that he titled “Tulonde”, Bobi Wine said that it is only through people participating in the polls that Museveni’s 35 year old dictatorial regime can be brought to an end.

“Since November last year, they have been hunting us. The SFC attacked us right after nomination and our journey has since then been dominated by bullets and teargas. Many comrades are dead, Nubian Li and others are in jail and to finish this, you have to vote,” Bobi Wine says in one of the verses in the song.

Bobi Wine revealed in the song that if all registered voters actually turn up and participate in the voting process in the voting process on January 14th, then the current government will not live another term as he believes Ugandans will vote them out.

“If it shines, the umbrella is available. If it rains, the umbrella will still be available, vote for the umbrella,” Part of the lyrics in the song goes as Bobi Wine reminds the people of the umbrella which is the party’s official symbol.

While commenting about the song, Bobi Wine dedicated the song to members of his campaign team that are in detention including his singing partner Nubian Li and head of security Eddie Mutwe.

“This one is dedicated to brother Nubian Li and all the comrades that are in prison for no reason. We were blocked from campaigning but the music will now do the talking. This one is called #Tulonde and it serves as a reminder to all the voters in the remaining five days,” Kyagulanyi said.

Since announcing his bid to contest against incumbent President Museveni in 2018, Kyagulanyi has always been vocal in encouraging Ugandans to register for national identity cards so that they can participate in the 2021 general election.

Listen to it here

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