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Bobi smashes Sevo’s push-up record

Bobi Wine, musician, singer and politician, strong opponent of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. Paris, June 11, 2019 Photo Damien Grenon

2021 Presidential hopeful and Kyadondo East Member of Parliament has made it a routine to have an exercise session every morning before heading out to his daily hustle and tussle of seeking for votes prior to next year’s elections

Yesterday, the legislator went live on his Facebook page to showoff his impressive boxing skills during his morning workout.

This morning, he went all out to the ground giving 60 push-ups before jumping up and trotting a little, beating the 30 that the incumbent, President Museveni gave a few weeks ago as he encouraged the “bazukulu” to keep fit but stay indoors during lockdown.

President Museveni making 30 push ups during lockdown

The legislator said he would have made a hundred push ups if he were not worn out from all of the previous days activities as well as the tear gas in his body. Bobi added that he has to keep exercising in order to remove the tear gas from his body

Well, for a man who spends a big part of his day in a cat and mouse chase with the police we could say that is impressive.

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