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Bobi Wine is a Ghetto flower that can protect itself – Fik Fameica

Fik Fameica

Ugandan singer Walukagga Shafik better known for his stage name Fik Fameica has added his voice to the already many voices calling for the release of fellow artist and National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine has been under “house arrest” with his wife, Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi in their house in Magere since voting day on Thursday January, 14th 2021.

Many people have called out the government and security operatives for besieging the former presidential candidate’s home in Magere including fellow artists.

Security operatives, however, said that the miliatry and police personnel are their to offer protection to Kyagulanyi Sentamu since he has been a presidential candidate and thus no-longer an ordinary citizen.

Fiki Fameica lashed out at the statements made by the security personnel and said that Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine is “Ghetto flower” who can protect himself and thus doesn’t need their security.

“You are saying you are giving him security and yet you took away his personal security guards, Bobi wine is a ghetto flower that can protect itself. It will be so hard for you to stop the nature once it starts to resolve and it will resolve.”

Fik Fameica, Artist.

The “Buligita” singer also cautioned the security personnel about the inevitability of change and the people’s resolve which will be hard to stop once it starts, and assured them that it will before demanding for the release of Bobi Wine with the hashtag #FreeBobiWine.

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