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Bobi Wine pens emotional letter to Producer Dan Magic and ASP Kato

Yesterday, like many other days before it, was a dark day in the National Unity Platform (NUP) camp. The events that unfolded in Kayunga were the military fired tear gas and bullets at NUP president Hon. Kyagulanyi and his supporters living many severely injured were a nasty thing to look at.

Producer Dan Magic, a close ally of the presidential candidate and his music producer was one among those severely wounded, another being the head of the security detail attached to Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu.

The two were carried to Nazigo Health Centre along with other people that got injured in the scuffle. Hon. Kyagulanyi’s car was shot at, leaving all the tyres spolit and windscreen shuttered.

The scenes were so ugly that Hon. Kyagulanyi was seen shading tears while standing besides the hospital bed were Dan magic lay in pain. The two were seen encouraging one another despite the traumatic events they had both gone through before Bobi Wine announced that he had suspended his campaign programs to meet witht he electoral commission.

Hon. Kyagulanyi penned an emotional letter to Produce Dan Magic and ASP Kato expressing the pain he felt towards what they were going through. In the letter, Kyagulanyi confesses that he had not had any sleep because of the thoughts he had towards the people that had been hurt. Bobi added that he feels terrible that the Police hurt him

“Dear producer Dan Magic, I am not sure you had any sleep at night because of the terrible pain. Neither did I, because of thoughts. I feel terrible that these criminals did that to you and I even feel even worse that you were only trying to save my life. If you were not around, it would be me on that hospital bed because it’s me who they were targeting all along. In very many studio intervals as you produced our music, we always discussed the price of freedom and as you can see, that is exactly what we are paying. My heart is with you this morning my little brother.”

Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu, NUP President

In the same letter, the Kyadondo East legislator also addressed ASP Kato, the head of the security detail attached to him, who was also hurt in Kayunga as the Police tried to block Bobi Wine from accessing his campaign venue in the mid-eastern region.

He commended and saluted ASP Kato for the great work he had done protecting him since the 3rd of November when he was mandated with the heavy task, enduring tear gas and other brutal mechanisms used by the police and militayr while performing his duty

“As for Afande Kato, I can only salute that noble police officer who was performing his duty of guarding my life only to be targeted by criminals wearing the same uniform as his. This further shows us that not all police men and women are evil, it’s a few criminal elements at the top operating on Museveni’s illegal orders. May the almighty heal your physical and psychological wounds and may all the pain be worth it at the end of the day.”

Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu, NUP President

Bobi Wine also sent out his thoughts to the families of those who had lost their loved ones and condoned with those who have been hurt in the “struggle”

“My thoughts go to the families and friends of the very many Ugandans that are killed or harmed by the brutal police and military (many of them unknown), one day we shall be free in our country.”

Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu, NUP President

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