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Catherine is playing a stunt on President Museveni by selling off a car – Kaye Wisdom

Entertainment analyst Wisdom Kaye has revealed that singer Catherine Kusasira is playing a stunt on President Museveni by selling off the monster car he gifted her last year.

He said this while appearing on Uncut Sabula a Saturday show on NBS Television.

According to Kaye Wisdom, the time of East African Parliament elections are near but President Museveni has not called Catherine Kusasira who showed interests to speak to her. So she has to do anything by all means to get his attention.

“Catherine Kusasira is playing an attention seeking stunt towards Museveni. I very well know that she is someone who will do anything to seek the attention of President Museveni because the elections of East African Parliament are almost and they have not called her.” Kaye Wisdom said

Catherine Kusasira who sold off her car last week said she sold it because people have been jealousy with that car and that’s the main reason to why she sold it off.

Rumor has it that Catherine Kusasira had accumulated debts that she couldn’t manage to pay in time and the only solution was to sell off the monster car that she sold it very cheaply.

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