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Celebrating Uganda Martyrs Day, only 200 people invited

3rd June every year Uganda Martyrs who were burnt from church are always celebrated from Uganda at Namugongo Catholic Shrine and Anglican shrine in Kampala.

People from different districts around Uganda and out side Uganda always come to gather in large numbers as they celebrate, worship and pray.

For last year 2020, there was no celebrations at all due to Covid19. No person was allowed at Namugongo like it used to be in the previous years. On that day the place was so quiet just the sound of birds was the only echo heard.

However, this year it’s some how different, only 200 people are invited to physically attend. The church made it clear that if one is not invited, she\he should celebrate through online.

“Due to covid19 pandemic, only 200 people will attend physically, the rest will celebrate through online as we shall stream live for the whole celebration.”

The Ugandans who died are not only celebrated as martyrs but also patrons in the christian fraternity. Christians pray through them for God to hear their prayers very fast.

It is said that Uganda Martyrs were 45 in number. 23 Anglican and 22 Catholic converts. They were killed between 31st January 1885 and 27th January 1887 on orders of Mwanga 2 who was the Kabaka of Buganda at that moment.

Christians believe these martyrs went to heaven and are happy where they are now.

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