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City Tycoon reconciles Presidential Advisor Full Figure and NRM Party analyst Isma Lubega

Senior Presidential Advisor on Matters of the Youth and Artistes Jennifer Full Figure has finally buried hatchet with the former Swedish based Ugandan Facebook blogger and NRM Party analyst Lubega Ismah aka Olaxess Ismah.

The vocal dual has been at logger heads for a while with each throwing abuses and hulling insults at the other, leaving colleagues, friends and the NRM party itself with mixed feelings.

Like many disagreements, the rift between Full Figure and Ismah rooted from monetary gains. The two allegedly failed to share the money that had been given to them by City Tycoon, Hamis Kiggundu, alias Ham.

Abuses and insults were thrown from one end to the other until the brawl caught the attention of the City Tycoon, Ham who invited the two for a sit down to resolve the conflict.

Following the sit-down on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020, Ham managed to get Full Figure and Olaxess Ismah to bury the hatchet.

Full Figure took to her social media to publicize their reconciliation, even quoting the Bible.

“Wat agreat day today has been ?? today I forgave Isma thank you brother Hamis Kigundu for uniting us olaba Yesu yasonyiwa abafelisayo nze ani atasonyiwa ? we all make mistakes he did and I did,” Full Figure stated through her socials.

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