Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga succumbed to heart attack.

Post -mortem report carrier out to by Mulago national referral hospital indicated that Later Archibishop of Kampala Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga died of a heart attack caused by blood clot
Lwanga who was found dead in his room on Saturday raised concern over the cause of his death especially by opposition political leaders.

Former presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi on Saturday said Archbishop Lwanga’s death raised many questions since a day before, he was well and had used the opportunity to once again condemn government excesses

However, on Monday, the Diocesan Health Coordinator for Kampala Archdiocese, Dr. Dr Andrew Ssekitooleko told mourners that Lwanga died of Ischemic heart disease after a coronary heart thrombosis.

“This means a heart attack that is due to a blood clot that was found inside the artery that supplies blood to the heart,” Dr.Ssekitooleko said.

“When this happens, it takes three to five minutes for one to die.”
Putting away any doubts, the Kampala Archdiocese Health Coordinator said the post-mortem was carried out by four senior pathologists at Mulago and in the presence of two family representatives and two doctors appointed by the Catholic Church.

He also noted that the deceased had a history of heart complications.

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