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Dude, please get back to your bottle – NUP’s Joel Ssenyonyi blasts Muhoozi Kainerugaba

National Unity Platform spokesperson and Nakawa West Member of Parliament hopeful Joel Ssenyonyi has joined the boiling battle of words between NUP Presidential candidate Hon. Kyagulani Sentamu alias Bobi Wine and Special Forces Command boss and first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

In a tweeted response to Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Ssenyonyi told the SFC boss to “get back to his bottle and leave the rest of the people to get back to freeing the country”.

This came as a result of a tweet-battle between Bobi Wine and Muhoozi rooting from Bobi Wine telling Muhoozi that The Banyankole gave him not just a name, Musinguzi but a wife as well, and as such Muhoozi should stop misrepresenting them by being tribalistic.

Muhoozi responded by telling Bobi Wine that he was not consulted as he was being given a wife and as such not all Banyankole gave him a wife.

Muhoozi also condemned Bobi Wine for demeaning drunkards and and thus offered to proudly represent them because they are fellow humans and should therefore not be despised.

Exasperated by these tweets from the first son, Joel Ssenyonyi could not hold back his frustration and anger and as such lashed out at him, telling him to get back to “his bottle” and let the rest get back to freeing the country.

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