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EC threatens to cancel election results from chaotic polling stations

The Uganda Electoral Commission has warned that they will cancel any and all results from polling stations that will turn out to be chaotic on election day.

Justice Simon Byabakama has warned candidates against setting up parallel tallying centers as well as mobilizing people to stay around the polling stations/areas after they have voted.

The Electoral Commission boss asked that people return to there homes after voting so as to avoid crowding around the polling areas which he says may result in to chaos which is uncalled for on election day.

“If you are going to encourage voters to remain around, be careful; you might end up losing votes as a candidate.”

Justice Simon Byabakama, EC Chairperson

Justice Byabakama also warned that election results from polling stations that will register cases of chaos and violence might be cancelled.

He also added that people are not allowed to take any pictures of the ballot papers on the election day, cautioning that not even the media personnel are allowed to do so.

You’re not allowed to take pictures of ballot papers on election day. Not even the media will be allowed within the polling area”

Justice Simon Byabakama, EC Chairperson

The Electoral Commission boss therefore warned that some election results will be canceled should candidates continue mobilizing supporters to remain at the polling stations after casting their votes. The commission says the resultant violence from the large numbers will be ground for the cancellation of results at the respective polling stations.

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