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Eddie Mutwe and other NUP supporters to reappear in court after elections

The Chief Magistrate’s Court in Masaka yesterday denied National Unity Platform NUP) presidential candidate Hon. Kyaglanyi Sentamu’s head of security Edward Sebufu aka Eddie Mutwe and other NUP supporters bail.

A total of 126 suspects appeared before both Masaka Chief Magistrate, Mr. Charles Yeteisi and Grade One Magistrate, Ms Grace Wakholi at different intervals in two separate court rooms. The court administration indicated that this was to cut time and the bulk of work for one court official

Among the suspects were Hon. Kyagulanyis close associate and singing partner Ali Bukeni alias Nubian Li and Mr Eddy Ssebufu aka Eddie Mutwe, the head of his security.

Majority of the suspects who were arrested in Kalanga along with Eddie Mutwe and Nubian Li were arraigned before court and were granted bail.

The Magistrates heard that Eddie Mutwe , Nubian Li and  others  on  December 31, 2020 at Kibale Village, Buyoga Sub County, Kalangala District incited  violence and also did a negligent act likely to spread an infectious disease.

The accused, however, pleaded not guilty to any of the charges against them.

NUPs defence lawyers led by Kazibwe Majeran askked the court to grant the suspects bail since they had spent over five days in police custody and many had been tortured.

The magistrates asked the suspects to prove to court that they had been tortured and many displayed physical injuries on their bodies and some were even seen limping in the court room.

The state prosecutor did not object to the bail plea from his learned colleague but asked court to set strict conditions before granting bail.

Mr Yeteise, the presiding magistrate, granted majority of the suspects a cash bail of Shs100, 000 and each of the sureties were bonded Shs5 million non-cash

“I have heard the submissions of the defence lawyers and I have examined the sureties of some of the accused persons and they are not substantial. However, it is in the observation of this court that some of the suspects were tortured while in cells and ought to be granted bail,”

Mr Yitesi, Masaka Court Magistrate.

Eddie Mutwe and a couple of other suspects, however, failed to secure bail since they lacked substantial sureties and additional charges slapped against them. They included Eddie Mutwe, Bashir Mukisa, Nelson Ndyasima, Mutumba sam, Maweje Mwanje, Mutumba Abdallah, Okanya Sam. They were remain in custody until January 19.

NUP lawyer, Mr Benjamin Katana said that time had caught up with them to finalise the paper work of those that had been granted bail.

“We shall have to go back tomorrow (today) and process the paperwork so that they can be released. Those who have not been granted bail, we shall apply for their production into court and then apply for bail afresh,”

Mr Katana, NUP Lawyer

However, their joy was short lived as the bail money was paid late in the bank and by suspects were still in court.

The case was adjourned to January 19 when the suspects are expected to reappear in court for further hearing of the case .   

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