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EU involvement in Ugandan issues is nonsense – Muhammad Nsereko

Mohammad Nsereko (Photo by Next Media)

Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko has rubbished the involvement of European Union Parliament in solving Ugandan problems.

According to Nsereko, Uganda needs to be given the freedom to find homegrown solutions to the problems at home and he believes such involvement robs Uganda of that freedom.

While on the NTV program ‘Ebigambo Tebita’ Nsereko said ,

“That is nonsense. When did whites get so much love for Africa? When they were taking grandparents for slavery. I can’t take that nonsense and I can never get excited over such.”

Muhammad Nsereko, MP, Kampala Central

Nsereko added that EU have never had interests in who leads Ugandans but who supports their interests in the end.

“When will blacks believe in themselves? I don’t believe in whites because everyone knows what they did in Libya. We must have homegrown solutions. Whites have no interests for anyone, their interests are permanent and selfish.”

Muhammad Nsereko, MP, Kampala Central

He discouraged Ugandans not to put so much faith and support in the resolutions of EU and Western parties because they aim at helping themselves.

This is after the European Union Parliament called for sanctions against independent individuals who are responsible for human violation in Uganda.

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