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Fik Fameika Appeals To Government Over Imprisoned Youths.

Artist Fik Fameica real names Shafic Walukaga has apologized to government on behalf of the youths who are in prison.

Through his social media Fik Fameica said it’s not true that the youth are violent and requested the government to release the youth who are in prison because they imprisoned them for no reason.

“Dear Our leaders, we really thank you so much for the things you have managed to push for Uganda and her people. thanks.

You have inspired many young people to raise voices and work hard for their country any time they have the chance and I am sure many of our leaders and elders are so proud because some of their grandchildren have managed to implement the inspiration, we got everything from you as lessons.” File Fameica posted.

It’s not the first time ‘Buligita’ hit maker fights for the rights of the youth especially those in prison.

“On behalf of young people who are taken as violent with all due respect leaders and elders we are sorry, we hurt you but remember you inspired some of us to stand up for a good cause as you stood up for good cause in the past for us to live now and it’s the same thing young people are trying to do but denied before start.” Fik Fameica stated.

Fik Fameica went ahead and said young people are not violent, they only think many things can go better if there is togetherness in improving the quality of life for everyone. Taking part in my country building doesn’t mean I’m violent just I want the country to grow but when I’m involved.

There is a big lie about violent young people, we all know that Nubian Li is an artist who kept under detention as violent youth but we all know it’s not true just that the man who is kept under detention is from the art industry that is helping 70% of youths who are facing unemployment life.

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