Gospel Music sensation Levixone grateful to God as he celebrates birthday

Sam Lucus Lubyogo better known by his stage name Levixone celebrates his 27th birthday today December 7th and he cannot be anymore grateful to God for all that he has learnt and achieved.

In a Facebook post on his page, the “Chikibombe” singer expressed gratitude to the Almighty God for another year of life. He added that his thankful to the people who have remembered to celebrate him today and sent him good wishes.

“Thank you God for giving me another year of life.Thank you for all the people who remembered me today by sending good wishes”


The gospel artist also expressed gratitude for all the experience of the past year, the times of success and of failure, happiness and weakness, and all the memories.

Who is Levixone?

Sam Lucus Lubyogo who we have all come to know better as Levixone is a Gospel music artist and philanthropist.

After enduring a difficult childhood, having been born in a polygamous family and raised by a mother an step-dad, Levixone has gone against all of life’s odds to become who is today, a successful musician and philanthropist.

Born and raised in the slums of Kosovo, Lungujja, Levixone only came to know the truth about his birth in 2012. That is when he realised that the person he had come to love as a father was only his step-dad.

At around 10 years, Levixone left home after receiving a thorough beating from his parents. He says he was beaten because he had followed a certain group of people without the knowledge of his parents and came back home pretty late. So, to avoid being beaten again, Levixone decided to leave home, making his new home on the streets of Kampala.

He did a couple of odd jobs to make ends meet on the streets, which jobs ranged from selling marijuna, buveera, drinking water among other things. Things only got tougher though and these jobs were only available for a while before he gob back to being jobless.

Levixone then resorted to punching people and snatching their belongings.

“This I did together with my peers on the streets. This is when the community turned against me. Some parents started hiding their children whenever they’d see me passing by. It is during this time that I started using drugs to counter the cold nights. One day, I was too hungry and decided to go steal food. I got to a house where they were preparing matooke and g-nuts katogo and stole the food off the charcoal stove and run away with it. At the time, stealing had become a part of me because it was my only way of survival. I had even got a gang with whom I would steal food and other items,”

Levixone narrates

He however decided to quit his criminal ways when he watched a friend on the streets was murdered for the same as he watched.

“I remember there was a gathering in Lusaze and together with my gang-mates, we decided to go there. On arrival, we saw many people including a group of South Sudanese. They were having fun and we didn’t bother them. But shortly after, one of them claimed to have been robbed and accused my friend Godie of doing it. Up to now, I believe Godie was innocent. He was attacked by a mob and killed,”

Levixone narrates the sad memory.

A certain woman in the crowd pointed at the young Levixone and said, “Do you see how your friend has died? You will be next if you don’t change your ways.” The Turn the Replay singer says this is what made him swear never to steal again.

Fast forward, the artist has since turned into an icon of hope and transformation to all the street and slum kids. Many look up to him as a ray of home. He now returns to the streets to bless them not only with his music but also to meet their basic needs in terms of food, clothing and housing to some.

Well, we celebrate you Levixone. Happy birthday

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