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“Guard your vote” – Bobi Wine charges voters across the country

Bobi Wine (Courtesy Photo)

Opposition candidates have urged members of the public to not only go out and vote in big numbers but also to stay around and “guard” their vote after voting.

They made these remarks while in an indoor meeting at the Hotel Africana in Kampala before they concluded their campaigns ahead of Thursday January 14, 2021 elections.

Among the candidates that attended the meeting was Forum for Democratic Change’s Patrick Oboi Amuriat,  Alliance for National Transformation’s Mugisha Muntu as well as National Unity Platform’s Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine.

While addressing the media after the meeting, National Unioty Platform’s Bobi Wine told the media that it was wrong for the Uganda Electoral Commission as well as the Police to order the people to go home immediately after voting.

Bobi Wine said that the ruling party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) was only trying to scare the people away from the polling station so as to carry out election malpractice with no witnesses.

He urged the people to not only keep around the polling stations but also use their cameras, phones and any other devices to record any abuses or irregularities on the polling day.

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