I actually like that song – Davido on Eezy’s Tumbiza Sound

Hardly a week after the government moved to ban a song that had turned into as ort of an anthem during a better part of 2020, Nigerian artist Davido has heaped praises on the banger.

Tumbiza Sound had become a household banger, with its lines being sang by almost everyone in the country, young and old alike.

Last week, the Director-General of Health Services in the Ministry of Health Dr Henry Mwebesa wrote to Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) asking them to immediately ban the broadcast of a popular song Tumbiza Sound by Eric Opoka aka EeZzy.

The Ministry of Health made claims that the sound promotes the abuse of the Standard Operating Procedures set by the ministry and the Uganda Police. Mwebaze claims that the song causes misinformation of the public on the SOPs.

“It has been noted with concern that there is a song being broadcasted on electronic and social media with messages contradicting the Ministry of Health standard operating procedures on COVID-19 prevention titled “Tumbiza Sound’ by Eric Opoka A.K.A EeZzy. The message in the song has, in turn, caused misinformation among different audiences and subsequently creating complacency among the public.”

Dr Henry Mwebesa

Ugandans and the entire world ran to Social Media to trash the claims by the government official

Nigerian artist, tagged in a tweet asking about his thoughts on the song, replied that he actually “liked the song.”

This followed a hashtag that trended for a big part of the weekend to promote the song both on social media and you tube.

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