I am a great witness to the love between Bebe Cool and Zuena – Chameleone

Former Kampala Lord Mayoral candidate Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon has paid tribute to his long time friend Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool as the later celebrates his 19th anniversary with his wife Zuena Kirema.

Jose Chameleon has been a longtime friend to Bebe Cool and despite their political difference, Chameleone still values their friendship.

According to Jose Chameleon, Bebe Cool helped him through life in Nairobi as the two hustled to make amends and he will always be a friend. Legendary Jose Chameleon praises Bebe Cool.

Jose Chameleon couldn’t wait for the day to come so that he celebrates the lovely couple. He was the first person to celebrate them showing how excited he was .

“I am a great witness to the love between Mr. Moses Ssali and former miss Uganda contestant Zuena Kirema Ssali even before they had all their beautiful babies 19 years ago. “ Chameleon posted on his Facebook.

Chameleon says it’s not easy for the married people to be together for so long.

“It takes too much patience, love and forgiveness” as he has been a family man too. That’s why he puts out the best wishes to Bebe Cool and Zuena Kirema as they celebrate their anniversary.

The two artists have been on parrell lines though Bebe Cool burried the hatchet when he surprised Joseph Mayanja on his 40th birthday bringing him a cake that was baked by his wife Zuena Kirema.

Since then, things look to have been better because Zuena, a wife to Bebe Cool looks to have been supporting Jose Chameleon for the Mayoral seat. Zuena Kirema used her Facebook page to call on her fans to support Joseph Mayanja.

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