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I am going to go “toe to toe” with Bobi Wine – Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool (Courtesy Photo)

The feud between musicians Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool and Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine makes no news to the whole world, and their political disparities just added fuel to the already raging flames.

In the recent past, Bebe Cool has been de-campaigning Bobi Wine whilst campaigning for his NRM side and incumbent President Museveni since the start of the campaign period almost a month ago.

The Uganda Electoral Commission has condemned all candidates and their agents who pull rallies and crowds of people which made Bebe Cool pause his processions and turn to door-to-door campaigns.

NUP’s Bobi Wine, however, continued with his processions and this has triggered an uproar from the Gagamel boss, Bebe Cool.

In an interview with Sanyuka TV, Bebe Cool said he is going to go “toe to toe” with Bobi Wine, ten times more than he had done so in the start of the campaigns.

Bebe Cool also said that Bobi Wine has no competition with President Museveni. He says Bobi Wine is a musician and he can only compete with a musician.

“Bobi Wine is not in the race with presidential candidates. He is just doing concerts like musicians do; and that is what I am going to do as well, do concerts. He has nothing to tell us, all the roads along which he is moving are made, what is he (Bobi Wine) telling us?”

Bebe Cool

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