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I am going to remain with my Toyota Premio – Mohammed Segirinya

Muhammad Ssegirinya (Courtesy Photo)

National Unity Platform’s newly elected Kawempe North Member of Parliament Mohammed Segirinya has promised to keep using his old Toyota Premio even after the parliament has given them the Ug Shs. 310 million for buying new cars.

Segirinya insists that he does not need a new car and would rather use the money for other more productive ventures that would be more beneficial to his constituency.

He promised to divide the money proportionately to help the people that voted him into the 11th parliament.

Segirinya said that he will use Shs 100 million to help families of those NUP members that lost their lives during the “struggle” while Shs 50 million will be allocated to the Mohammed Segirinya Orphanage to help the underprivileged children.

“I am going to get that money and divide it proportionately to help my people. I am going to get Shs 100m and help the families of our people who lost their loved ones during the struggle, like Rita Nabukenya, Yasin Kawuma, Dan Kyeyune and many others. I am also going to put 50 million into Muhammad Ssegirinya Orphanage to help underprivileged children”

Mohammed Segirinya, MP Elect Kawempe North

Segirinya added that will invest the rest of the money into the several developmental groups in Kawempe North as well as procure sanitary towels for the girl child among other things.

“…invest some money in development groups in Kawempe North, especially for the women, and then I will use the rest of the money to buy sanitary pads for young girls and also buy hospital beds for premature babies at Kawempe hospital.”

Mohammed Segirinya, MP Elect Kawempe North

Segirinya made it clear that he doesn’t need a new car as he already has a car that can help him to do whatever he has to do. He added that the new car may even threaten away his voters whom he doesn’t want to lose touch with.

“No, my old car is enough for me to move through my constituency as long as I fuel it. Kawempe is not a mountainous area that I need a big car to traverse it. I do not want to lose the personal touch with my voters due to fear to approach me because I am in a monster ride. I am going to remain with my Toyota Premio.”

Mohammed Segirinya, MP Elect Kawempe North

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