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I had an affair with Sheebah – Faded Oscar Big Time claims

Faded singer and now scrap collector Oscar Big Time has come out and claimed he had an affair with super star Sheeba Kalungi in his shinning time.

He said this during an interview with Sanyuka Television.

According to Oscar Big Time, he is not saying all this to paint a bad picture about Sheebah Kalungi but he wants her to come out and help him financially because they know each other since they were all young in music.

“I had an affair with Sheeba she is my ex but that’s not the main issue. What happened past and now we are different. I want her to come out and help me financially like someone she knew because I am not well.” Oscar said

Oscar didn’t only cry to Sheeba, he also cried out to his fellow artists like Ray Signature who he used to sing with.

Big Time Oscar said he is willing to join music again and become the Oscar he used to be. He used the same platform to ask audio producers to help him with free audios and videographers with free video so that he can bounce back into the industry.

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