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I knew I was not going to win the election – Joseph Kabuleta

Joseph Kabuleta (Courtesy Photo)

Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has said that he is very much aware that even if the elections were “free and fair” which they weren’t, he would not have won the presidential race in the January 2021 elections.

While speaking to NTV’s morning program, Morning at NTV, the former journalist revealed that he was aware of the fact that he was not going to win the election even if it were free and fair.

The Former presidential candidate said that he, however, participated so as to experience what exactly happens at the polls as well as open the eyes of Ugandans to the real social-economic issues in the country.

He also added that the words “free and fair” as well as elections should never be used in the same sentence while making reference to Uganda as a country because the elections held here are a sham and fraudulent exercise.

“The statement “free and fair” and elections in Uganda cannot be put in the same sentence. It was a sham of an election. It is nothing I did not know already. I just wanted to have an experiential knowledge of what elections are like”

Joseph Kabuleta, Former Presidential Candidate.

Kabuleta added that there is no correlation between what happened at the polling stations on election day and what was transpiring at the tally center and accuses the Electoral commission of cooking up results that were not factual.

“If there is a true correlation between what happened at the polling station and what happened at the tally centre, why has it taken the EC two weeks to release information on how polling stations voted”

Joseph Kabuleta, Former Presidential Candidate.

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