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I want to know where Byabakama got the results from – Katumba

John Katumba (Courtesy Photo)

Former presidential candidate John Katumba has requested Justice Simon Byabakama, the chairperson of the Uganda Electoral Commission to reveal where he got the results that he declared on January 16th, 2021 from.

In a press conference which “Katumba Oyee” referred to as a “Presidential Address” addressing the media on February 2nd, 2021, he demanded for clarity on how the EC came up with the results.

During this address, Katumba also revealed that he was not content with the presidential election results that were used to declare the incumbent, President Yoweri Museveni winner of the 2021 Presidential race.

In his words, the youngest of the eleven (11) presidential candidates said that he does not understand where the results that Byabakama declared hailed form.

Katumba also added that he had proof of all the results that he got from the various polling stations in the country and thus demanded that Byabakama reveals to the country where he got the results that he declared after the January 14th elections.

“I don’t understand where the results Byabakama declared hailed from. I have proof of the results I got from every polling station. Byabakama should tell me where he got my results he declared.”

John Katumba, Former Presidential Candidate

Katumba also expressed his feelings regarding the electoral observers whom he suspect might have connived with the government during the election process to facilitate these fake results.

He gave EC boss Justice Byabakama and the entire Electoral body an ultimatum of three (3) days to speak out addressing his concerns and tell the nation the truth about the presidential election results.

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