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If you won the election go to State House – Hon Kiwanda tells Bobi

Hon Godfrey Kiwanda said if Bobi Wine thinks he won the presidential elections let him go to the state house.

A bitter Kiwanda came out and told the NUP President Hon Kyagulanyi to match to state house if he thinks he won the elections.

Kiwanda’s words come after Hon Kyagulanyi urged all citizens to demonstrate Peacefully in protest of what he called a rigged election and violation of human rights.

According to Kiwanda, Bobi wine is trying to account for the money from his funders and therefore he is acting out of Panic to tell people to go the streets yet he is aware that he is sending the innocent youths into trouble.

“Kyagulanyi is trying to balance his books to impress his funders. He is now telling our innocent youths to go to the streets yet he knows that there will be trouble. He is such a bad person.” He added

Hon Kiwanda added that Kyagulanyi smiles when he sees people being beaten and arrested because that’s where he gets public sympathy from. Kiwanda has urged people not to fall into Kyagulanyi’s trap because it will land them into trouble.

Hon Kiwanda has also asked parents to talk to their sons and daughters not to do things that put them at logger heads with the authorities.

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  1. Ya he was true, we don’t need a struggle like that of walk to Walk that’s is to leave many people killed and injured 😥😢, yet no results.
    Me I don’t think whether there can be government change without the supporters from that regime… You need to first cause a drift amongst leaders of the ruling party, to achieve your goal, but if you depend on the outsiders, you may fail to achieve your goal,,,.
    So bobi wine let him now plan for 2026, other than disorganising the City and the entire country. If he claims he won who can claim his legality,

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