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Instead of amending your lives, you are busy amending the constitution – Makerere’s Fr Ddungu

Museveni and Government officials attending prayers

The Chaplain at St. Augustine Chapel (Catholic), Rev. Fr. Ddungu Josephat expressed disgust and anger at the fact that politicians that had lost in the just concluded general elections blamed their loss on the involvement and influence of the church in politics.

Rev. Ddungu, while addressing mourners at the funeral of the Late Rev Kaggwa who was laid to rest over the weekend said that it was disappointing to hear these politician blame the church which was only doing its moral role of molding the society.

He relayed a message to them advising them to repent instead of blaming the church. He told them to go back tot he drawing board and observe and see the wrong things that they have done.

The Reverend also told the politicians to amend their lives and stop amednign the Ugandan constitution emphasizing the fact that if it were not for the amendment of the constitution, the country would not be going through what it is going thrugh.

Fr. Ddungu also expressed concern at the fact that Uganda is under a multi-party system and yet only one party is allowed to carryout political activities freely which doesn’t sit so well with the masses.

He acknowledged the government for doing all the great work they have done but also emphasized the fact that it is their duty to do those things.

“Thanking the government for doing what they are supposed to do is like thanking the ATM for giving you money.”

Rev. Fr. Ddungu Josephat

He called on all the politicians to repent from all the wrong things they have done and also quit amending the constitution and rather amend their lives.

He also praised the American democratic system that allows for peaceful transition of power.

“I was watching Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony and what a joy it was to see America;s former presidents attend the ceremony of another president. When are we going to experience that in Uganda? At the next inauguration in Uganda, all our former presidents are going to be present in one person”

Rev. Fr. Ddungu Josephat

According to Fr. Ddungu, the church has the right, responsibility and an obligation to guide, correct and condemn the wrong things, and promised that the church is not about to stop doing that.

He called on the government and politicians to have humility and accept when they are wrong and do what is necessary to amend the wrong they have done.

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