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Internet shutdown was necessary in Uganda – Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa

Hon. Sam Kutesa

Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Ugandan Cabinet Hon. Sam Kutesa has said that it was necessary to shutdown the internet for a few days during the election season to avoid post-election violence.

Sam Kutesa was speaking to journalists and international delegates when he made the remarks on government’s decision to turn off the internet.

He says that some presidential candidates had plans of committing post election violence calling it “Plan B” which prompted government’s decision to switch off the internet so as to sabotage their plans.

“The internet shutdown was necessary as some presidential candidates were allegedly planning to commit post election violence calling it “Plan B””

Sam Kutesa, Foreign Affairs Minister.

The government has come under strong criticism as a result of the internet shutdown from both international and local masses but all government officials maintain that it was done for the good of the country.

It is said that over 18,000 companies failed to file their tax returns with in that period of time when the internet was shut off while the country also lost over UG SHS 666 Billion for each of the days when the internet was off.

Countless businesses also lost unimaginable revenues as well as a multitude of individuals working remotely for companies abroad are said to have lost jobs.

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