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Irene Ntale testifies of God’s amazing love

It is pretty evident that 2020 has taken it’s toll on almost everybody and the words on everybody’s mouth is the mark of hard and challenging it has been; some even calling it the most challenging year of their lives yet.

From the word being hit with a Global Pandemic which doesn’t seem to grow any easy by day, the lockdowns on almost all economic activities which spared nobody and no sector, to deaths that have spread across the entire planet from the novel COVID-19.

It’s imperative for us to be thankful to God if we are still alive and have something to eat, clothes on our bodies and a roof over our heads surely.

On her tweeter, Irene expressed her gratitude to God for the amazing love citing that it’s only because this that we have survived and thrived in what one would call the most challenging year yet.

With no doubt, it’s because of God’s love that we have made it this far in such a challenging year and we are grateful to the Almighty.

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Arnold Nkalubo
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