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John Katumba takes campaigns to West Nile after being gifted campaign vehicle

Presidential Candidate has a drink

As we head into the election year its every presidential candidate’s desire to traverse the entire country with the hope of drawing voters to their respective camps and sides.

Among the presidential candidates lined up for next year’s general election is a mysterious 24-year-old vying for the biggest office in the land, whose name has become more common than many of his colleagues with whom he’s contesting for the big seat.

John Katumba whose nomination to run for the office of President of Uganda sounded as a joke till the day it actually happened has since been in the headlines for various reasons, one among which was walking during his campaigns recently since he didn’t have a car to use and the escort vehicle given to him by the Electoral Commission could only carry his security detail and not himself.

After a video of him walking circulated on social media, city Pastor gifted the Presidential Aspirant with a car to use during his campaigns. After the heart warming gesture from Pr. Mondo, presidential hopeful Katumba headed to Nakasongola before heading to Masindi.

John Katumba is expected to be in West Nile in the towns of Nebbi, Zombo and Arua according to his social media post on Twitter

Well, we wish the amazing John Katumba a success as he continues to traverse the country in pursuit of the big office.

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