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Journalists are to blame for whatever happened to them – Anderson Burooba

Anderson Burora (RCC Nakawa)

The Nakawa Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Anderson Burooba said that journalists are to be blamed on what happened to them when they were covering Kyagulanyi’s petition to the UNHRC.

During a talk show with NBS Eagle Nakawa RCC said journalists who went to cover Kyagulanyi were not having anything to identify them and it was hard for the military police to differentiate them from the public.

“Journalists need to put on their tags and press jackets while in field to be easily identified if they are really professional.” Anderson said.

Hon. Anderson said ,On February 17th 2021 Hon Kyagulanyi Robert was allowed to take his petition at the United Nations office but he was allowed to go with only three people but on that day Hon Kyagulanyi went with more than 100 people and that’s the reason why journalists were beaten.

The RCC added on that Hon Kyagulanyi Robert went to the United Nations office to have an engagement with them and they gave him the date and he wonders why the media didn’t do the same.

“If Hon Kyagulanyi Robert went to request an engagement with the UN, why didn’t the media do so in order to have a soft working experience with security?”

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