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Journalists storm out of presser at Uganda Media Centre

Journalists have stormed out of a presser at the Uganda Media Center in protest of the manner in which the security forces handle them while covering opposition events and campaigns.

The presser that was put up in the morning of December 28th, 2020 was purposed on briefing the country on the state of the security of the nation as the country draws closer to the 2021 general elections.

The journalists expected the police and army chiefs to condemn the manner in which their colleagues were brutally handled during yesterday’s events that left Ashraf Kasirye of Ghetto Media, NTV reporter Ali Mivule as well as NBS TV senior Reporter, Daniel Lutaaya all nursing wounds and fighting for thier lives in hospitals.

The bitter journalists walked out of the presser as Maj Gen David Muhoozi was addressing them on the matters.

A one Gabriel Buule said that they are fed up with the way the security forces handle them citing the fact he had been badly hurt to the point were he could not function well in “bed”.

Another journalist, Abubaker Lubowa from Daily Monitor said that the security forces only treat them right if and when they are covering National Resistance Movement (NRM) events and are labelled “not good” if and when they cover opposition events.

They insist that they are only doing their job and don’t deserve the ammount of brutality that the security forces subject to them.

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