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Look for land and cultivate – Balaam advises bar owners and Bidongo organizers

Events promoter Balaam Baarugahara has advised bar owners and Bidongo organizers to look for land and cultivate after spending one and a half years home without working.

This came after the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni again partially locked down sectors like schools and public gatherings before they open sectors like bars, concerts and other entertainment sectors from the first total lock down of March 2020.

This is where Balaam has based to advise his fellow events promoters and bar owners to venture in other works like cultivation that is never under lock down.

“Bar owners and Bidongo organizers the wait may be extended to 2023!!! Let’s look for farm land and we cultivate.” Balaam said

Balaam is not the first person to advise people from the entertainment industry to venture in other works, people like TV presenter Kasuku have been advising them too.

At least for events promoters were bailed out with some money from government but bar owners have not seen anything from the government.

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