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Ministry Of Health Clarifies On Cost Of Covid19 Vaccine

Ministry of Health has finally come out to clear air on the cost of Covid19 vaccine after ‘misleading social media posts.’

Uganda, in December last year, applied for about two million does of Covid19 vaccine through the Covid19 Global Vaccine Access Facility (COVAX).

In a statement released on Thursday, the Ministry has urged the public to disregard speculative information in Vaccine Cost currently making rounds on social media.

“Uganda, like other low and middle income countries will access the Covid vaccine through the Covid19 global vaccine access facility (COVAX Facility). This facility is negotiating the price of the vaccine on behalf of almost 90LMICs, including Uganda, reads a statement in part.

The Ministry states that no Single country under Covax has negotiated the price of the vaccine with manufacturer directly.

“All countries will procure the vaccine at the same price as agreed by Covax facility.

“The cost of USD 405 million is a working estimate of the National Deployment Vaccination Plan (NDVP) to roll out the Covid19 vaccine. The Ministry would like to reiterate that this is a working estimate as we await final communication from the Covax Facility.

“It is important to note that each manufacturer of the approved Covid19 vaccines has a different cost.”

Per Covid19 test results of January 5, new 295 cases confirmed as the totals of confirmed cases are 36,702 while four Covid deaths were reported.

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