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Nancy Kalembe suspends campaigns over lack of resources.

Independent Presidential candidate Nancy Kalembe who is also the only lady vying for the Presidential seat in the forth coming 2021 general elections has suspended her campaigns.

The last couple of days have not been easy for the calm and collected lady as she was forced to postpone her campaigns and declare a prayer and fasting period to seek Devine help and support in her endeavors

Nancy put a hold on her campaigns last week on Thursday December 3rd, 2020 after she ran out of resources to carry on with the campaign trail. She said that the campaigns are really expensive and the terrible roads made things worse.

“We are halting our campaigns. We know that campaigns are very expensive. Terrible roads broke down our cars and we are having a challenge of finding other cars to go back for the campaings”

Nacy Kalambe, Indp Presidential Candidate

Nancy also noted that the campaigns required the candidates to visit at least fifteen (15) points in each district which is costly yet she and her team have medical bills, accommodation and other campaign materials to worry about.

With all the above, Nancy confessed that she was drained.

“We have run out of resources and we have thus decided to stop and see how we can regroup and solicit funds.

Nancy Kalembe, Indp Presidential Candidate

Nancy has asked all peace-loving Ugandans to join her in pursuit for the big office, to enable her shift this government to a more people centered government.

“To ask every peace-loving Ugandan, move from this government to a more-people centered government. We need your support. We kindly ask you to join us financially, if you support us in cash, we will be very grateful. You can give us your cars, we will handle them well”

Nancy Kalembe

Well, we wish Madam Nancy Kalembe all the best and pray that her campaigns get back to their feet.

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