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National Unity Platform ferries people from Kampala, and they are paid – Minister Kiwanda

It is an election season so there is nothing like an out of line accusation, so none of the accusations and insults is new to the table whether from the opposition to the ruling government or the reverse.

The same applies to the accusation of these parties paying people to turn up for their processions and rallies; first the National Unity Platform accused the National Resistance Movement of paying and ferrying supporters from different parts of the country to attend their rallies and procession.

This morning, State Minister for Tourism who is an NRM diehard has this morning accused the National Unity Platform of ferrying people from Kampala to wherever they hold their campaigns.

“For example the National Unity Platform, they ferry people from Kampala. And these people are paid to attend the rallies.”

Godfrey Kiwanda, NRM

He goes on to say that when you check most of the people they move around with, the Boda Boda people are from areas from Wandegeya and the likes; and when you check with the incidences that have happened, most of the people get injured and they will say he is from a Boda Boda stage in Wandegeya.

The National Resistance Movement has continuously accused the opposition most especially Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu’s National Unity Platform of not following the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and guidelines set by the Electoral Commission and the Police to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The opposition has on the other hand accused the police and Electoral Commission of having selective implementation of the SOPs and use of excessive force to enforce these guidelines.

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