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NRM is talking about dams constructed with borrowed money – Semujju

Ibrahim Semujju Nganda (Courtesy Photo)

With the polling day behind us and a number of politicians justifying the losses and wins in the respective constituencies and regions, the praise that NRM die-hards are throwing to their party is much expected.

Hon Godfrey Ssuubi Kiwanda, the State Minister for for Tourism in the Ugandan Cabinet as well as the NRM Vice Chairperson for Buganda Region never runs out of words to praise the ruling party.

While on NBS Television’s politics discussion show, Barometer, Hon Kiwanda was not short of word to praise Gen. Museveni and his achievements over the last 35 years.

He said if it were not for the NRM government, the economic development and all the infrastructural growth we see in Uganda today would only be a myth.

Kiwanda revealed that the whole purpose of the Liberation Day celebration was to reflect on the party’s mission and evaluate their achievements over that time.

In response to Kiwanda, Semujju said that the problem with politicians like Kiwanda is they are only good at craming what their boss, the president says.

“The problem of Kiwanda is craming. When you do that, you can fail an exam because you have not understood.”

Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, FDC Spokesperson

Semujju pointed out that the electricity that the NRM government keeps talking about is produced by dams that are constructed with borrowed money and the hospitals are their with faulty lifts.

“He is talking about the hospitals constructed, some of them don’t have working lifts. He is talking of electricity, can he show us a dam that was constructed without borrowed money?”

Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, FDC Spokesperson

Semujju pointed out that NRM keeps boasting of economic growth and infrastructural development yet all this is on borrowed income and not upto standard and even worse not reflecting on the real income of the population.

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