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Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe and others are detained in a military barracks – Bobi Wine

The National Unity Platform presidential candidate has revealed that his close friend and fellow artist Ali Bukenya alias Nubian Li as well as his head of security Edward Ssebuufu better known as Eddy Mutwe are both detained at the Masaka Military Barracks.

The two are detained along with eighteen (18) other National Unity Platform party members many of whom are part of the presidential candidate’s security detail and campaign team.

The Kyadondo East legislator has also revealed that the Police is also holding other more than ninety (90) in Masaka while others around the count of forty (40) are still detained in Kalangala.

All these were arrested on December 30th, 2020 in Kalangala where Hon. Kyagulanyi had gone to conduct his campaigns.

The Police and military rounded him up and arrested his entire team. Kyagulanyi was later airlifted to Kampala from where he was driven to his home in Magere.

His team were all taken to different unknown places and it is until today that the presidential candidate revealed were they were being held.

Kyagulanyi added that he and his entire team are worried for their comrades that are behind bars because they have been denied access to their family members, lawyer and medical personnel.

Bobi Wine also said that he fears for Eddie Mutwe and Nubian Li’s lives who may be tortured under the orders of Brig. Deus Sande who is in charge of the Masaka Military Barracks.

Brig. Sande is remembered for having said the army would not handover power if anybody but President Museveni won the 2021 presidential elections.

Bobi Wine said that these are all acts of President Museveni who has grown desperate.

“Gen. Museveni is very desperate, but no level of desperation can save him from the inevitable fall that awaits him. Freedom is coming”

Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu, 2021 Presidential Candidate

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